Firearm Transfers

Wolfe Arms is located in Maricopa County Arizona. We can process FFL Firearm Transfer request for buyers in Maricopa County from our Anthem, AZ location.

FFL to FFL Transfers
We can receive out of state transfer request for Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles and Shotguns for buyers in Maricopa County. Have the shipping FFL contact us ([email protected]) for our physical shipping address. Do Not Ship to us without making prior arrangements.

We can ship to out of state FFL’s for purchases made from Wolfe Arms. We will need the FFL to email us a copy of their license ([email protected]). Shipping rates vary based on weight/zone/carrier. We’ll quote before shipping.

Wolfe Arms is registered in CA to be able to ship to your CA FFL.  If the receiving FFL has met all of the CA (state/local) requirements they will be already enrolled on the CADOJ Centralized List (CL) of approved firearms dealers, and they will have a five digit Centralized List number which the transferor (Wolfe Arms) will need to know to request Firearms Shipment Approval.
Private Party Transfers
Wolfe Arms can process private party transfer transactions for buyer/seller located in Maricopa County at our Anthem, AZ location.

When individuals decide to use an FFL to facilitate the private sale of their firearms it ensures to the seller that the purchaser is not prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

All transfers will following all Federal, State and Local laws.

Purchase Terms and Conditions

Refer to our schedule of fees for cost associated with FFL Transfers.

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