The Second Amendment

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow citizens the ability to protect themselves from the government and to allow citizens the opportunity to protect themselves when the government fails to protect them.  The tyranny of King George III fresh in the forefront of the Founding Fathers minds;  the Founders intended the Second Amendment to limit the government's power to restrict weapons, NOT the citizens' right to possess weapons, weapons which maybe necessary to protect themselves from the government.  Many uninformed state and federal officials try to limit the Second Amendment because they don't understand the purpose of this amendment. 


Addendum: Our founding fathers did not write the Constitution as a list of "do not do (by the government), but instead wrote it with enumerated rights. Our founding fathers understood that certain rights--Inalienable rights come from our creator and not man or a government. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed--"infringed by the government". This is not a right or left issue but it is about preservation of Freedom. Freedom from a tyrannical government. If the government restricts your rights and only gives you the rights it feels you need, then they also have the power to eliminate your rights. This is what our founding fathers in writing the Constitution set to prevent; a tyrannical government on the people as King George III did upon them.
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